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Turn power into motion with an individual personality profile

Profilingvalues - Values that add value

Profilingvalues offers a comprehensive view of the tendencies, skills, competencies, interests and potential of applicants, employees and managers. With this method it is possible to map the “inner values” and the current situation of a person. The result is a comprehensive report that shows personality traits and the current use of individual potential, as well as areas of development and unconscious strengths. Profilingvalues thus makes a lasting contribution to encouraging the performance and motivation of individuals, teams and the entire company development. Significant changes in the outside world also require a corresponding change in the inner experience of the individual. Only if we tackle change holistically and actively include the inner transformation, it can succeed. If companies increase the scope for individuals - give them more freedom and responsibility - it requires a build-up of competence, a human maturation, in the course of which employees become stronger and more confident within. We humans are creative beings who are guided by their inner drivers. The hard realization is that people do not behave logically and rationally, but always act from a personal point of view; therefore it is an advantage to know this personal field of vision. While conventional procedures focus on behavioral patterns and basic personality types, Profilingvalues® can provide a dedicated and individual view of the cognitive and emotional skills, stress level and motivation in the current situation - without putting people into boxes.
based on the pyramid by Dilts

from values to behavior

In order to have an objective, mathematical-scientific basis, ProfilingValues® is recommended; a personality profile that prevents subjective assessments by personnel decision-makers and unconscious bias.

Measurable values: objective and comprehensible

Why is it worth analyzing values and attitudes?

Human behavior is controlled by our skills and the experience we have made with it. The development of certain skills and the experiences made strongly depend on the attitudes with which people go through (professional) life.

We develop mind-set or attitudes towards life from our own values, which are lived consciously or unconsciously and on which people are oriented. We all have a conscious or unconscious identity and ideally we recognize purpose in our life that leads us the way as a guiding star.

If we know the values, attitudes and skills in ourselves and others, we can predict possible behavior options or steer our behavior accordingly and establish sustainable learning out of it.



benefits with heart and mind

The Profilingvalues® Analysis

  • looks at the personal value system of the person as well as his current psychological state.
  • shows personality traits, skills and focus as well as potential.
  • does not allow manipulation or self-projection. It cannot be answered “socially desirable”.
  • contrasts the basic skills (ability) with the actual application (willing).
  • is a scientifically recognized, validated and reliable diagnostic procedure.
  • can be used repeatedly to show changes and progress.
  • enables resource-oriented further development in various dimensions.
  • offers the possibility to create an exact target profile and to fill it precisely.
  • can be scaled and show team cultures.
  • Strengthens employee retention and career development.
  • is easy and fast. It only takes about 20 minutes.

The Profilingvalues® potential analysis method is based on the scientific foundations and methods of Robert S. Hartman, who developed the Hartman Value Profile (HVP) in the 1960s and 1970s. This model was further developed by Dr. Ulrich Vogel and named profilingvalues® for use in the optimization of personnel selection and personnel development and adapted to the most modern requirements of today’s working world.

You can download a sample profiling here.

further examples
Leadership and Ownership

The Leadership Excellence Report

The Leadership Excellence Report (LER) is a sophisticated analysis for managers. It provides an overview of the maturity level of the leader according to the Leading Simple® system. In addition to the complete self-image and external image, the impulse and the responsibility for leadership can be shown.
Understand and Drive Responsibility

The LER was developed by profilingvalues in collaboration with the Grundl Leadership Institute.

We recommend using the LER in the area of management development as a status assessment before training and coaching as well as in transformation processes.

Insights Leadership Excellence Report
It can be integrated into HR work in many ways

Fields of Application

The ProfilingValues® process can be used both as a single measure and as a measure of progress over an entire career path, since it shows both the “basic personality” and the current situation.

The right employees in the right place

Recruitment - Get the direct hit!

Smart organizations use their employees' potential right where it is needed.
Win the right employees

Recruiting & Job Descriptions

An efficient and purposeful process with clever questions in a personal conversation is the be-all and end-all. Especially here, a profiling as a process step can provide clues as to which questions are valuable and where it is worth going into depth to find the fit and to verify the matching for both sides

It is a trust-building experience for candidates, because it can be experienced that the company appreciates the potential and the inner values of its employees. The typical facade and socially desirable answers are skipped. The conversation can focus entirely on the personality, individual strengths and development opportunities and gains in depth and importance.

A first-class experience that has a positive effect on employer branding and the company’s reputation.

Job Rotation and Job Enlargement

Internal Recruiting

Internal applicants have the advantage that their skills and demeanor are already known. It is all the more important that an objective basis for a conversation is created, which also includes the skills and challenges not previously shown.

Profilingvalues offers the opportunity to speak objectively about opportunities and risks for both sides and to use the change of position as development field for personal development.

Use and promote potential

Personnel Development

People are very individual and development by scattergun approach is often inefficient for the company and frustrating for the employee. It is therefore important to get an exact picture of the potential of the employees and to start exactly where a direct impact on progress is made tangible for people.
Touch and go landing

Onboarding of new employees

Every new employee changes the team. In each new team, the employee must first find himself in his new role. A personality analysis is recommended so that the integration process is efficient and constructive and the new resources can be used as effectively as possible. Profilingvalues provides guidance on what the new person can concentrate on when dealing with colleagues, customers and questions.
Especially during onboarding there is a very high willingness to develop. In this phase, “the cards can be shuffled” since nothing is set in stone yet. This way, the personal horsepower can be quickly brought onto the road and the team can quickly get into the high-performance phase. Any difficulties can be recognized right from the start, thereby avoiding unnecessary friction.
Individuelle Entwicklung
Finding the right path

Individual Development Plans

Profilingvalues recognizes which skills are dormant in humans and only need to be awakened, i.e. where a lot can be achieved with small measures.

It also shows which skills really need to be newly learned. The analysis helps to determine the as-is and to reconcile your own self-image with the external image and thus provides the basic prerequisite for development. This increases the intrinsic motivation to focus on the willingness to perform in a sustainable manner.

This enables precise objectives and the associated measurement of success.


The next step

Career Advice

The desire to develop and to "get ahead" is strong among many. We often realize too late that "upwards" does not use all of human potential. Profilingvalues® enables a consideration of skills, inclinations and preferences from the meta level and serves as the basis for an expanded view of the scope. With the insights of the profiling, the resources of the employees can be used immediately through job The desire to develop and "get ahead" is strong among many. We often realize too late that "upwards" does not use all of human potential. Profilingvalues® enables a consideration of skills, inclinations and preferences from the meta level and serves as the basis for an expanded view of the scope. Through the knowledge of profiling, the resources of the employees can be used immediately through job enlargement or project work. Employees feels their own self-efficacy and the intrinsic development results in a long-term win-win situation for both sides. In addition, there are potential new career paths and it becomes clear which next steps make sense for an expert or managerial career. Especially in companies where the opportunities for further development open up little hierarchical possibilities due to the size of the company or organizational structure, high performers can be retained and promoted.
The boost for collaboration

Organizational and Team Development

Good teams can be recognized by how good their collaboration is, how much synergy is used and how various perspectives are brought in constructively. This presupposes that team members are aware of their strengths and each other’s development potential, so that learning from one another can be optimized.

Especially in modern teams that act more agile and self-organized, it is important to include the inner competencies, values and preferences of the individual in the design of the collaboration. Furthermore, it is essential that mavericks, doers and other special characters fit well into the overall system so that they can be used profitably for the organization.

For a deeper understanding of leadership and collaboration and the skills that underlie them, employees need to have an adequate understanding of these internal dimensions – their needs and values, their physical and emotional experience, as well as their thoughts and the behavior they are controlled by.

Profilingvalues makes it clear to individuals how individuation and autonomy can be combined with team harmony.

Valuable knowledge for the exit

Offboarding, Severance and Outplacement

A leave, regardless of whether initiated by the company or chosen by the employee, always means a farewell to a familiar social environment and a professional identity. Effects often do not show up directly, so this enormous emotional stress is often underestimated. In these times, it is very important to perceive and recognize your own situation in order to consciously take the step into a new reality.

Profilingvalues helps people to become aware of own strengths and to regain confidence. As a result, people can see the future as a great opportunity, develop joy in their own ability to change and look ahead. This helps to let go in deadlockedsituations and to make any negotiations more constructive, as scope and personal opportunities become visible.

If desired, a common view of the conscious and unconscious skills and areas of development allows to pursue creative approaches within the company as well, how a new type of cooperation can succeed, so that both sides experience a respectful win-win situation.


Development opportunities are the most sustainable appreciation

Motivation and Incentives

Recognizing your own self-efficacy and using it for yourself is one of the strongest motivating factors that exist. If you want to incentivize special achievements and use the momentum of success, Profilingvalues can increase the push forward. Especially when things are going well, the chances of development can be exploited even better, as self-confidence allows an open view of growth areas and challenges are gladly accepted with a feeling of joy. The investment in their careers and their own skills are highly valued by employees and their identification with the company is further underpinned.
Targeted support for a suitable career path

For Junior Executives and High Potentials

Young executives and so-called high potentials promise a high level of motivation combined with a winning personality and excellent competencies. For different companies to be successful, there are different attributes that lead to success in the respective culture.

Profilingvalues can help to explore exactly what the desired profile looks like and helps to identify potential top performers, beyond the usual suitability procedures such as interviews and assessment centers.

High potentials are often very interested in developing themselves further and would like to be challenged and want their talents individually developed. Profilingvalues supports purposeful encouragement, not only in their top performance but also in the whole human being.

Profiling Values High-Potentials
What insights can be gained?

Questions and Answers

The analysis provides helpful impulses where possible pitfalls lurk and helps to resolve them. This enables a constructive dialogue about strengths and challenges, so that decisions can be made quickly and well.
For recruitment and staff development
  • How strong are the leadership skills?
  • How willing is the person to develop or change?
  • How well does the current role suit the person?
  • How creative is someone in dealing with operational tasks?
  • How dominant is the person?
  • How well can the person recognize the relevant in the complex?
  • Is someone a “strategic doer” or rather an actionist?
  • How well can the person recognize coherences and dependencies?
  • How strong is the maturity level?
  • Can the person recognize a meaning in life and work?
  • How good are the strategic and conceptual skills?
  • How well does the person deal with internal conflicts?
  • How objectively can someone recognize and solve problems?
  • How good is the own objectivity regarding own abilities and decisions?
  • How positive is the fundamental attitude towards life and others?
  • Is the person more of a planner (strategist) or driver (doer)?
  • How does someone react under pressure?
  • Is the person more an optimizer or a maverick and changer?
  • How self-reflective and critical is the person?
  • How well can the person deal with interpersonal challenges?
  • How well can the person find his way in existing organizations, systems and processes?
  • How well can the person deal with personal burdens and stay in balance?
  • What action patterns does the person generally follow, e.g. What for, do I do what with whom or with whom do I do what for what?
  • What patterns of thought does the person generally follow, e.g. What for, do I want what with whom or with whom do I want what for what?
  • How strong are the negotiating skills?
and many more…
For your own growth
  • Where are my development areas?
  • Where are my potentials and hidden reserves?
  • Where can I start to feel more fulfillment in my life and work?
  • What “blind spots” have I overlooked?
  • Where do I stand in my way if necessary?
  • Do I have a good look at the system around me?
  • How well can I actually assess other people?
  • Am I taking good care of my own well-being?
  • How strong can I make relationships constructive and trusting?
  • Where is there still room for improvement?
  • How well am I using my current skills?
  • Which patterns of action do I generally follow, e.g. What for, do I do what with whom or with whom do I do what for what?
  • What thinking patterns do I generally follow, e.g. What for, do I want what with whom or with whom do I want what for what?
  • Can I assess my own skills well enough to make important decisions?
  • How well does my current job suit me?
  • Is my “away from” and “towards” in a healthy balance?
  • Am I really ready for change?
  • Are there internal blockages that distract me from developing my full strength?
  • Where can I start to radiate more authenticity?
  • Do I have good contact with my inner wisdom?
  • Which career paths are best for me?
  • How do I recognize and resolve conflicts?
  • Where is the source of my creativity?
  • Which professional environment suits me best in the current situation?

and many more…

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