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Lego® Serious Play® - Make Complexity Touchable

Lego® Serious Play®, or LSP for short, is an ideation and problem-solving method that can be used in a wide variety of contexts. LSP uses haptic and playful elements to foster creativity and develop innovative solutions. With Lego Serious Play® you can bring to light hidden potentials of your employees and thus develop a sustainable and future-proof strategy for various topics and business models.

By working with Lego bricks and serious entrepreneurial and organizational questions, intuitive knowledge is made tangible with all senses. In this way, unconscious resources are used and the cognitive abilities of each individual are strengthened. Lego® Serious Play® workshops ensure that everyone is heard, no one dominates and all perspectives are considered. This also promotes better and clearer communication and corporate culture in the organization in the long term and sustainably.

Why play seriously?

Advantages and application possibilities

Application Possibilities

Possible topics

  • Development of the corporate identity and the corporate values (Guiding Principles)
  • Development of the corporate vision and mission statement
  • Strategy development and design thinking
  • Identity development for mergers of departments and companies
  • Transformation and change management
  • Organizational and personnel development
  • Team building and conflict management
  • Process management
  • Idea generation for innovation and marketing
  • Rapid prototyping in innovation management
  • Anticipation of trends

With LSP you can

  • Clarify one’s own views
  • Be honest and authentic
  • Immerse yourself in the (value) world of the other person
  • Give form to the unconscious
  • Talk about the absurd (this is where the best innovation ideas come from)
  • Reflect
  • Presenting complex issues in a simple way
  • Make decisions
  • Create safety for a protected space
  • Avoid random interpretations and false conclusions
  • Gain lasting insights as new “reality options” emerge
  • Showing, recognizing and using emotions
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The Job Crafting Canvas and Lego Serious Play

To go even deeper, to make unconscious skills and ideas tangible, we use Lego Serious Play. Literally building your own dream job.

The Canvas offers a structured and creative approach to look at the current job situation and to find adjusting screws. Through the structure of the fields and the specially developed questioning techniques of the facilitation, we succeed in an uncomplicated and pragmatic way in aligning purpose and sense orientation to the added value and in doing so use all available resources.

Building the models makes it possible to concretize ideas and make them tangible. One recognizes different points of view and perspectives, can try out alternatives, from which solutions automatically emerge.

More about the job crafting canvas you can find here.

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Steering the company through and out of the crisis

Especially when fast, effective action is required, it is important to bundle resources and deploy them in a targeted manner. This refers to time, budget and, above all, the competencies and ability to act within the team.

In our webinar, we show how to identify scope, create clout and implement sensible, effective measures.

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Goal-oriented communication with Lego Serious Play


Fundamental to the success of a team is genuine collaboration. This works best on the basis of concrete communication. You will learn how concrete communication works and how this enables constructive collaboration.
We show you how Lego® Serious Play® works and promotes the core process of communication.

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Celebrate success with Lego Serious Play

In our webinar, we will show you how important proximity and presence are, why celebration is necessary and how “LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® as a Christmas party” can directly and sustainably satisfy the social needs of the team in a responsible way.

We humans are social beings, purely virtual contacts go against our nature and we do not know when the situation will improve. Therefore, especially in pandemic times, we need the feelable team cohesion, so that we can socially shape the further remote work and so that we do not lose ourselves as teams.

How models foster innovation and make teams stronger

Blog Article: Making collective knowledge tangible and developing results

Learn more about the background from which this innovative method has emerged. We explain the core process of communication and present various application possibilities.

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