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Consulting approach and methods

Building on what's there and actively engaging stakeholders

The corporate culture as well as the ability to collaborate form the glue for the factors of entrepreneurial success. It must be lived and experienced in all disciplines at the operational level. In addition to learning necessary skills, this means mainly relational intelligence and other psychological issues that we counter with approaches from humanistic psychotherapy. Therefore, we not only consider the external transformation, but also take into account the development of the personality and the associated human maturity.

It is our goad to identify which screws can be set immediately and to implement corresponding interdisciplinary measures effectively.

We have the best experience in working with the works council and other committees, because every perspective counts. This enables us to create clarity and transparency on various aspects in the company, in order to achieve a quick and uncomplicated implementation.

Organizations are as wonderful as we humans are: complex, unique, sometimes contradicting and yet predictable through their routines.

The lived corporate culture is an expression of internalized values, beliefs and the self-image of the organization and its employees. The culture is recognizable in processes, communication and individual decisions that are made in everyday life. How do you react to customer inquiries, how do you give feedback, how do you bring in new ideas, how do you work in a team, how is “successful” defined, etc.

MenschWert Consulting takes up these “invisible” factors, makes them conscious and thus controllable and changeable at the operational level.

Tools and Methods

Transpose knowledge into skills and empower people

Sustainable change comes from insight and intrinsic motivation. Additional to classic change management, we use the approaches from humanistic psychotherapy. We transfer the methods to the modern business world and incorporate innovative technologies. We work with the unconscious resistances, rebuild profound beliefs and help to learn new skills. And all that with a lot of creativity, fun and focus on reliable results. Our consultants have many years of experience both in consulting and in operative roles in various specialist areas. They have a broad knowledge of methods and can also accompany your team as a trainer or coach. Our motivation is to convey our knowledge, implement solutions and empower your employees to build up on our work.
Handle Complexity

Results with Lego® Serious Play™

LEGO® Serious Play ™ is a unique, innovative method that creates pragmatic solutions to complex problems in workshops. In a close connection between brain and dexterity, thought patterns are playfully broken through and approaches are developed that create commitment and enthusiasm. This promotes a common understanding of future challenges, improves team communication and uses the entire knowledge and experience of all involved. Examples of workshop topics are for example development of new strategies, team building, innovative product development etc.

Recognizing added value

Purpose-Driven Job Crafting

The Job Crafting Canvas describes an innovative and effective methodology for developing “personal business models” and aligning them with one’s own sense of purpose. Employees learn to orient themselves to customer needs. This increases both motivation for their own development and entrepreneurial thinking. Instead of focusing on small-scale tasks and process steps, employees are asked how their purpose can lead to added value for the company and customers. This results in new career paths that incorporate the employee’s skills, needs and personality in order to adapt optimally to a constantly changing world or to find new and more satisfying alternatives in the personal work environment.

Preferences and Competencies

Potential Analysis with Profiling Values

Profiling Values is an exceptional method for “determining the personality’s position”, which shows the aptitudes, skills and potential of applicants, employees and managers (e.g. empathy, practical and structured thinking, success and goal orientation, solution orientation, stability, responsibility, etc.) It shows the value map and reflects both the “basic character” and the current constitution. The dimensions of “ability” and “willing” are taken into account in the current situation.

Service Portfolio

Guiding your transformation on organizational and team level

Organizations are living systems that build up, develop, transform and shrink in order to regain new strength for growth and innovation. We accompany you in every phase in order to link your organizational topics closely with your corporate goals. Our in-depth and holistic consulting approach can be measured by the success of your economic key performance indicators.

Case Studies

Learn more about our projects and customers

Our clients are companies or divisions who engage in the IT or high-tech industry as well as in e-business and media. These include start-ups, medium-sized companies and major international corporations. Our work focuses on companies that actively drive change. Our customers trust us that their organization benefits from a professional change management support for the necessary, sometimes radical paradigm shifts.

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