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Irina Hagen

Born in Lindau, a small town at Lake Constance, Irina founded the company in 2013. She is passionate about helping businesses and people at all levels in the process of finding out what each company and individual really needs to capitalize on and develop their full potential. What distinguishes her is the rare combination of excellent functional expertise in change management and HR operation models, in-depth knowledge of business economics and corporate relationships as well as a profound understanding of the human psyche.

Irina Hagen wants to actively drive change and the associated paradigm shift. She sees herself as a mastermind who likes to inspire and make people think. She is a forerunner when it comes to the pragmatic implementation of modern concepts, in which people work together, create economic and idealistic value and actively shape the togetherness.

Her curiosity and her aspiration to excellence motivates her to constantly develop herself, to learn new methods and to anticipate trends expertly.

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Curriculum Vitae

CEO, Organizational Coach and Speaker

Within her almost 20 years of professional experience in international strategy consultancies and commercial enterprises in Germany and abroad, her focus is on corporate and organizational development, personnel management and cooperation.

After many years of accompanying top management personalities, she is well acquainted with the day-to-day work of corporations and SMEs. She, too, as a leader has experienced the “typical joys and sorrows” in her role and can therefore provide authentic and pragmatic support.

Her degree in International Management helps her to master both economic and intercultural challenges in theory and practice. In order to understand people, their motivation and their interaction in the wider context, the trained psychotherapist (HPrG) has various psychological certificates, e.g. Hypnosis, completed at renowned institutes and lecturers.

Working with professors and chairs at prestigious colleges is very important to her in order to keep up with the times and to support her practical work with heart and experience as well as the latest scientific and research findings.
She is a lecturer in HR Management at the MediaDesign University in Munich.

Speaker for Inspiration and Will to Act

Topics that actuate

As a thought leader and cultural philosopher, she is an inspiring personality who likes to share her thoughts with others, igniting the spirit of a movement and getting people to act.

Her Topics are:

  • The question of why – Purpose driven organizations
  • Relational Intelligenz – Prerequistes for team work
  • Recruiting and employer branding
  • Talent Management and Career Paths
  • Agility – opportunities and risks
  • Cooperation and productivity
  • Responsibility – being responsible or taking responsibility?
  • Latitude – it’s more possible than you think
  • Leadership in the digital transformation
  • Goals and performance management
  • Feedback – myths of a feedback culture
  • Restructuring and job cuts
  • Business Model You® – find your own way and go






Excerpt of past lecture titles:

  • Agile is not adhoc: skills in digital transformation
  • The opposite of good is well meant: no more feedback myths
  • From Tinderfail to the dream wedding: The Candidate Journey in recruiting
  • Personnel development in a digital workplace
  • Objectives: focus and flexibility
  • Resilience of companies: Resilient even in uncertain times
  • Employee Experience: How employees identify with the company
  • Up or out: contemporary career paths
  • Self-organization – curse or blessing?
  • The works council – workers participation in a modern age
Publications of Irina Hagen

At the end of 2019 MenschWert Consulting was named one of the top ten change management consultancies in Germany.

On this occasion, the magazine HR Tech Outlook conducted an interview with Irina Hagen. You can read more about this in the HR Tech Outlook Magazine.


Specialist book (in German) published by Springer-Gabler-Verlag with Irina Hagen as co-author:

Young Professionals: How to win, develop and keep them – Sustainable employee retention for young executives.

Publisher Daniel Walzer, ISBN 978-3658268749, published 29.11.2019

Description: How does a company become attractive for young professionals? How can the generation that is currently entering the job market be won over, retained, and encouraged to achieve top performance? This book follows the principle “Retaining is more important than recruiting” and answers these and other questions in a very practical and professional manner.

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