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The Corporate DNA


Organizations are living systems that build, develop, transform and dissolve in order to draw new strength for growth and innovation. We combine the prerequisites for self-organized, responsibility, flexibility and productivity with professional and personal skills. We accompany you in every phase in order to closely link your organizational issues with your corporate goals. Our in-depth and holistic consulting approach can be measured by the success of your economic indicators.

Team Effectiveness

Before we build up new resources, we check to what extent the existing resources in the team are already being used effectively. This procedure gives you a reality check of the required technical, methodical, personal and social skills. We create meaningful and sustainable job descriptions that focus on suitable candidates. Of course, these are coordinated with the respective remuneration framework and career levels. Our in-depth knowledge of the local and international applicant market will help you to get a realistic assessment of the chances of success in order to take countermeasures if necessary.

You get a coherent picture when all pieces of the puzzle mesh; it is therefore essential for us to recognize the added value of the individual aspects and to combine them in a meaningful way.

Depending on your situation and team size, we will develop a coherent concept for you that contains various components, for example:

  • Analysis of existing potential, skills and capacities
  • Development of the role profile in line with goals and corporate culture
  • Employer branding including the creation of an attractive job ad
  • Individual onboarding plans to be productive quickly and sustainably
  • Training in interview techniques and contract negotiations
  • Training for an exact and attractive job description
  • Coaching of managers in the systematic evaluation of cultural suitability
  • Vendor management for personnel service providers and executive search firms
  • RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Flow, productivity, speed and quality arise when resources and process steps are optimally coordinated. This means that we are getting away from the silo-like, process-based way of working, in which employees work alone and one after the other. Real collaboration becomes possible when several employees work on the same result at the same time, exchange ideas, question and implement them. We consider both the principles of lean management and the agile manifesto. Which team design is the right one depends on many different factors, including team purpose, stakeholders, skills, autonomy of decisions and division of labor.
Nothing is more encouraging and satisfying than feeling in good hands in a team. This will strengthen both efficiency, productivity and development capabilities as well as the sense of coherence for sustainable employee retention.

We would be happy to develop with you a roadmap to leverage your team’s potential. Components can include this:

  • Analysis of existing competencies and beliefs
  • Team acceleration towards the performance phase
  • Development of the team credo and guiding principles
  • Team workshop on the (new) organization of roles and responsibilities
  • Analysis of team roles and development of the corresponding competence profiles
  • Retrospectives of collaboration and commitment to goals
  • Optimizing the meeting culture and improving the focus on results
  • Training in communication, conflict resolution and negotiation techniques
  • Training in decision-making methods in self-organized teams
  • Requirements for diversity goals
  • Training for a successful feedback culture

Everyone is talking about agility and agile frameworks. It is important to understand that agility cannot be “introduced”, but arises when the appropriate conditions are created. Out of this comprehension the central aspects evolve, like speed, adaptability, customer focus and mind-set.

Agility often means radical rethinking and a multitude of skills and competences that have to be learned anew, as well as saying goodbye to beloved trump cards. Agility is a game changer that shifts not only the rules, but the entire system.

As agile coaches, we take you on a journey towards a new world of work and promote an experimentation and feedback culture that does not end in chaos but leads to valid, goal-oriented results in an employee-oriented manner.

We would be happy to work out a concept with you on how you can shape the paradigm shift yourself in an agile and iterative manner. Components can include:

  • Analysis of readiness for agility
  • Workshop to understand the consequences, pitfalls and opportunities of an agile working environment
  • Workshops to understand and apply agile principles and methods
  • Training in digital skills
  • Training and workshops for change management
  • Accompanying the first agile steps and iterative change processes

There are situations in which the “Find alternatives” option is the most sensible step for everyone involved.

Separation means an essential cut in the team structure and a huge change for the individual. Professional support of the process is therefore mandatory. This is where the team will work out how they want to position themselves in the future, so it is an opportunity for self-reflection and reorientation from which the necessary learning experiences are created. The team can determine here how they want to work together in the future, what they need and how each individual should adapt to the new situation. An alternative career path is designed for employees that fits even better.

It is important that everyone is guarded and encouraged to go their own way. The future is therefore promising and feasible. The separation becomes a face-saving process for everyone, which promotes renewal, personal responsibility and team experience.

Measures to develop a helpful way forward are for example:

For the team:

  • Team workshops on team identity and new roles
  • Review of existing team roles and skills for future-oriented replacement
  • Mentoring of managers for resource-oriented employee interviewsEmployee reviews and negotiation of termination agreements
  • Cooperation with works council and lawyers for smooth administrative processing

For the employee:

  • Development of an alternative career path with the Business Model You® approach
  • Accompanying the individual farewell process and new beginning
  • Cooperation with outplacement consultations for further support
  • Identification of development areas, uninfluenced feedback and respective coaching

Organizational Development

Modern organizations focus on processes as well as projects. The organizational structure is not only culture-creating but is also the result of a culture. Depending on the degree of the hierarchy or self-organization, various structures are suitable. Every employee should have the opportunity to develop their talent and promotions are made transparent according to the performance principle and a corresponding value orientation.

The aim of the organizational design is to create clarity and purpose orientation in the responsibilities with the necessary skills as well as to enable individual career paths. The structure adapts to the respective internal and external requirements.

The organizational architecture is based on the corporate purpose, the prevailing culture and the necessary processes.

We work out a meaningful structure together, possibly a project plan and the next steps, for example:

  • Development of the value-oriented and holistic corporate purpose with the top management
  • Formulation of the pathbreaking strategy with corresponding functional areas
  • Analysis of the corporate culture and the maturity level of the organization
  • Analysis of existing potential, skills and capacities
  • Development of the necessary responsibilities, competencies and role profiles
  • Workshops to develop the core processes and pioneering projects
  • Change management support during the introduction of new organizational structures

For us, culture is the sum of all decisions. Above all, it arises from the multitude of small, unconscious decisions that everyone makes every day. Every company has its own culture that can be explicitly designed and shaped. What is needed is a consistent and consequent implementation of a value-based framework for thinking and acting. This includes tangible programs such as Performance management, recruitment criteria, processes and leadership principles, as well as making the underlying beliefs visible that inhibit or promote cultural development. It is important to engage everyone involved, to deepen and concretize general places so that individuality is recognized.

Cultural development always requires personal development and thus personality development. In modern companies, it means the ability for continuous development combined with the emotional stamina for permanent change.

We would be happy to develop with you a roadmap to leverage your team’s potential. Components can include:

  • Analysis of the corporate culture and the maturity level of the organization
  • Analysis of existing competencies and personality structures
  • Development of vision, goals and guiding principlesDevelopment of tangible, culture-creating measures
  • Conception and implementation of a suitable performance management system
  • Training for communication, self-management as well as self-reflection and creativity techniques
  • Management training for performance and resource-oriented employee interviews
  • Workshops to recognize and dissolve unconscious beliefs

Whether agile and self-organized or classic and hierarchical, leadership remains an elementary part of the organization. When traditional structures no longer work, a good management culture becomes a decisive competitive advantage. In self-organized teams, leadership is no longer a function or position, but a task that is distributed among the team members, see also the productivity of the collaboration above.

Technical competence is just as essential as the ability to sensibly integrate contradictions, promote communication and deal with conflicts. The requirements of a more complex world mean a lot more work with the individual employees for the manager, so it is interesting to consider the management span. Leadership today means creating the greatest possible transparency of the rules of the game in the context of the respective organization through clarity and consistency, promoting employees in their professional, personal and social skills and stimulating the motivation of the individual so that the role is delivered with appropriate results.

Good leadership always requires a very high level of reflection on one’s own behavior.

We would be happy to accompany you in discovering and strengthening your leadership potential. Measures can include:

Traditional and hybrid organizations:

  • Analysis of the status quo of leadership skills and improvement potential
  • Retrospectives of collaboration and leadership requirements from the team
  • Training in communication and conflict resolution
  • Training for situational leadership and other leadership tools
  • Management mentoring for individual issues
  • Dealing with criticism and negative feedback

Self-organized teams:

  • Attitude and responsibility in the team
  • Decision making mechanisms and methods
  • Techniques for visualizing tasks, progress and responsibilities
  • Self-leadership and personal leadership skills

Healthy organizations are constantly changing. They reduce to grow again. In Realignment and in the digital transformation, it is inevitable that jobs will be lost through automation and other jobs will be created. Farsighted personnel planning makes it clear which units are impacted. When employees assume responsibility for their workplace, they often recognize at an early stage which developments are taking place in this area and can strategically train themselves and adapt to market conditions. The structural reduction and restructuring can be designed facilitatively for resources if all stakeholders (management, employees, works council, HR, etc.) are actively involved in the development.


We would be happy to work out a roadmap with you so that a coherent and transparent process is tailored to your situation. Components can include:

  • Development of objectives and guiding principles with top management
  • Conception and implementation of all company events for the establishment of development scenarios
  • Training for HR in change communication
  • Coaching of managers in dealing with uncertain future scenarios
  • Operational support of the reorganization programs including labor relations (integration, negotiations and mediation between the top management, works council and human resources department)
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Our clients are companies or divisions who engage in the IT or high-tech industry as well as in e-business. These include start-ups, medium-sized companies and major international corporations. Our work focuses on companies that actively drive change. Our customers trust us that your organization benefits from a professional change management support for the necessary, sometimes radical paradigm shifts.

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