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We all want fulfillment in our jobs.
This includes seeing meaning in what we do. We strive to develop our talents and skills and to deepen our social relationships in a self-determined way. Actively shaping our everyday professional life helps us to experience joy in our own development, regardless of whether we are currently in a phase of reorientation, looking for a job, or simply curious about opportunities for development.
For companies and managers, this is especially exciting because jobcrafting is described as a way to create a greater fit between the individual, the job, and the organization. It is a creative way to enrich and expand job profiles, or to find solutions when “there is trouble brewing.”

We have developed a unique Job Crafting Canvas and an associated questioning technique, incorporating all our years of experience in recruiting, HR management and career consulting. Of course, aspects of logotherapy and innovation research have also been applied.
By working through the Canvas, everyone is able to realize the (professional) purpose, mission and goals in practical added value.

We start with the personality and individual values. We use already made experiences and talents as well as currently available resources and integrate the reflection of the social environment as well as the personal habit of building relationships. We are guided by the tasks and activities at hand, for whom and with whom one would like to work. The commitment (e.g. time and effort) one intends to invest in the job every day can be determined by everyone.

From all these pieces of the puzzle, you develop a coherent picture and from this you get practical solutions that you can implement immediately. This makes it possible to take small effortless steps without having to reinvent the wheel.
Aha effects are guaranteed.

Selection of some fields on the Job Crafting Canvas

The own self-image, potential and added value for the company

The Canvas offers a structured and creative approach to look at the current job situation and to find adjusting screws. Through the structure of the fields and the specially developed questioning techniques of the moderation, we succeed in an uncomplicated and pragmatic way in aligning purpose and sense orientation to the added value and in doing so, use all available resources.
The true self

Authenticity needs its place. Acknowledging ourselves is crucial if we want to be successful on the job. We address convictions, values and personality. In doing so, we discover beliefs and can harness the power that comes from feeling “in the right place at the right time”.

Expertise and Talents

Expertise has many sources. Some is conscious and one works on further development. Some talents are unconscious or unused when viewed in a different context. Therefore, we look at profession, hobbies and excellence that arise from personal circumstances. We make pearls out of grains of sand.

Added Value for Customers

One’s own creative power is valuable when it delivers added value. We translate performance and work results into added value for customers and users. Those who know what added value is to be achieved will align their performance with it and experience self-efficacy.


With the Job Crafting Canvas to a fulfilling job

In the webinar, we will introduce for the first time the brand new Canvas.

  • Meaning and Purpose
  • Motivation: Our inner drivers
  • From vocation to added value
  • Me, Myself and I – The all-important factor
  • Relationships, supporters and social environment
  • Working environment and activities
  • Commitment and investment

The Job Crafting Canvas and Lego Serious Play

To go even deeper, to make unconscious skills and ideas tangible, we use Lego Serious Play. Building the models makes it possible to concretize ideas and make them tangible. One recognizes different angles and perspectives, can try out alternatives, from which solutions automatically emerge.

Shape your own future!

Online Workshop

Design your own job

  • Which job suits me?
  • What makes me special?
  • What can I do at all?
  • What do I want?
  • How do I get there now?

Difficult? The answer is already inside you.

With the Job Crafting Canvas and our specially developed questioning technique, you’ll get guidance on how to answer these questions. Get more info in our webinar. Click here to watch the recording.

19. or 20.03.2021 from 11 am to 5 pm

Individual Job Crafting Workshop

Playfully develop your own Job Crafting Canvas with Lego Serious Play in the workshop.

  • 3-D Vision Board
  • Individual coaching by two experienced job coaches
  • Moderated exchange in the small group

You will receive from us in advance

  • Job Crafting Canvas printed in XXL format
  • Associated Post-Its and pen
  • Lego Serious Play Set


The canvas is based on Business Model You® and Strategyzer’s Business Model Canvas.
The scientific basis is, among others, the research of Amy Wrzesniewski and Jane E. Dutton as well as the research of Daniel Pink and Simon Sinek.

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