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Our clients are companies or divisions who engage in the IT or high-tech industry as well as in e-business. These include start-ups, medium-sized companies and major international corporations. Our work focuses on companies that actively drive change. Our customers trust us that their organization benefits from a professional change management support for the necessary, sometimes radical paradigm shifts.

Use Case

Establishment of a digital unit within a traditional corporate

An international group from traditional industry assigned us to set up their digital unit and to recruit “digital talents”. The new teams should work as agile as possible. We started with several set screws; et al recruitment the right profiles, understanding of the agile mind set and productivity of the existing teams.

Use Case

Turn-Around Management of a Software Company

After the spin-off from a DAX corporation, the Munich software company stumbled. With the development of an inspiring corporate vision and corporate culture and fostering of collaboration in cross-functional teams, the company found its own identity. Today the company is the industry star and the best employees worldwide apply on their own initiative.

Use Case

Increase of team capacity with existing resources

The growth of an e-commerce company was limited by the scarcity of software developers who could support the individual business processes. The development team was dissolved and integrated into cross-functional teams in the specialist areas.

Consulting approach and methods

Building on what's there and actively engaging stakeholders

The corporate culture and the ability to collaborate in cross-functional teams form glue for the factors of entrepreneurial success. It must be lived and experienced on an operational level in all disciplines. Apart from learning technical skills, there are mainly psychological issues that we encounter with approaches from humanistic psychotherapy. We use agile methods as well as models from entrepreneurship and Design Thinking.

Service Portfolio

Guiding your transformation on organizational and team level

Organizations are living systems that grow, develop, convert and resolve to regain their power for growth and innovation. We accompany you at every stage to closely align your organizational topics with your corporate goals. Our profound and holistic consulting approach can be measured by the success of your economic performance indicators.

About MenschWert

Together. Potential. Experience.

We bring your potential to life by exploring meaningful connections, together with you. We help to reduce barriers and build bridges so that efficiency is created and information flows. With our affinity for technology, we promote the “Connected World”, without unnecessary complexity.

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