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Finally arrived

Purpose-driven performance development

Humans are creative beings. Fulfillment in professional career and daily activities are essential for personal development. Ten modules form the process of creating a meaningful career and realizing your own skills for yourself, customers and employers.
Finally arrived. That is the certainty of being fulfilled, of using all resources and using them effectively for a worthwhile goal. It is not about “reaching the end”, but about arriving on your own path, finding the deeper orientation that always leads you to where you act powerfully from within. The more actively changes are designed, the more self-confidence, judgment and thus self-confidence you will get. Nowadays this is only possible when life and work are in harmony with personality, goals and ideals.
Our program aims to give employees who are already fully engaged in their careers and enjoy doing their jobs routinely the opportunities to see what else they are made of. The approach is aimed at anyone who asks themselves the question of why and where to. Questions that are always asked anew in personal, but also in professional biographies – and always have to be answered anew. We provide reliable methods and easy-to-use tools for this purpose.

It is important to us that it is not just an “inspirational good-that we-talked-about-it”, but that the process leads to noticeably positive changes in (professional) life and personal skills. This does not mean that everything is turned upside down, but that all conscious and unconscious resources are concentrated on enjoying professional success in a fulfilled life. In order to evaluate progress within the program, we clarify the realized potential of the participants at the beginning and at the end with the personality analysis of Profilingvalues®.

The program is made for companies that …
  • use and develop the full potential of their employees;
  • see their employees as whole human beings and not just as human capital;
  • enable more agility, innovation and personal responsibility in the organization.

Who benefits best:

  • Everyone who is satisfied with their job and ready for the next steps.
  • Employees who think “that can’t have been it”
  • Executives, experts and everyone who wants fulfillment in personal and professional life.
Creativity that matters

Holistic and sustainable

Our program is about developing a feeling for your own worth and expanding your individual skills in order to implement development steps based on this. We combine professional careers with personal development and integrate human maturity into professional training. The methods are a fine balance of playful creative techniques, reflection methods and instruments from design thinking and agility. The latest findings from organizational science, neurobiology, entrepreneurship and psychology produce innovative and reliable results.
Knowledge building and theory

Models illustrate options

The respective modules always include a knowledge build-up of theories and backgrounds. Through abstract and analytical learning of models and concepts, the applicability to different issues can be transferred.

In addition, there are self-organized group homework assignments that help to deepen what has been learned through exchange and bring aha-moments to the surface.

The learning and knowledge building is rounded off by working through individual challenges in confidential one-on-one meetings.

Individual One-on-ones

Tailor-made and Confidential

For a more in-depth look and specific applicability, one or two coaching sessions are included in each module, in which your own needs and challenges are dealt with confidentially and appreciatively. Everyone decides to what extent private topics are dealt with. And whether the matter should be used as a case study for the collegial advice of the group participants or whether the individual problem should be considered in a one-on-one conversation with an experienced coach.
From the one-on-one discussions, small, individual homework is carried out, which helps to integrate one’s own further development into everyday life and to focus the subconscious on it without having to spend a lot of time.
For each module there are optional literature recommendations as well as further podcasts and YouTube inspirations if a topic would like to be deepened.
Constructive and integrative

Arrive Step by Step

In order to guarantee sustainable success and actual individual effectiveness, the program is divided into various complementary modules that build on one another.
1. Analysis of Here and Now

Accept, what is there

Looking at what actually exists here and now helps you understand the status quo. To make growth possible, it is essential to know where you are right now. With all the wishes, fears, conflicts, hopes and needs, and also the dominant beliefs and behavioral patterns that shape your worldview. Often we are so influenced by what others see or want to see in us that we have blocked our view of our self-image by an external facade.
In this module you will learn to look at yourself, how you actually live, feel and act at this point in time. You learn to recognize where you are now. You will identify which talents are in you and where you want to develop real excellence from these talents and are willing to invest work and where not.
It starts with a personality and competency analysis on the scientifically-mathematically based Profilingvalues. The report and the resulting perspectives form the basis for an intensive one-on-one interview with an experienced coach in order to get to the heart of the personal goals of the program so that the program content is tailored to the individual development fields.
The contents of the knowledge building are:
  • How does personality and charisma emerge
  • Background information and exercises for self-reflection
  • Meaning and exercises for meta-reflection
2. Groundwork for development

Create authentic self-image

Only when we discover what power lies within us, it can be used. Having a positive and reliable image of yourself is therefore the basis for change.
The point here is to experience self-efficacy. You will learn how to take responsibility for your situation without overwhelming yourself or falling behind your possibilities, i.e. get out of your comfort zone and into the growth phase.
You will unmask growth-inhibiting beliefs and build a growth mindset.
A prerequisite for elaboration is attitude on a personal level; it gives our thoughts something like a backbone – it straightens up. You learn to trust yourself, even and especially when you take into account your vulnerability and alleged deficits. This understanding of your own process enables you to choose yourself the right support and measures. The authenticity you gain gives you independence in thinking and a safe space to be the person you want to be.
The aim is to use your valuable self-doubts and transform them into guidance and energy booster.
The contents of the knowledge building are:
  • Mental states and coping mechanisms in the responsibility process
  • Development of the growth mindset
  • Access to inner wisdom
  • From self-doubt to self-confidence
3. Purpose & Values

Design your (Job-)Vision

Building on a clear view of your very own talents and a healthy self-image, you now have the strength and the foresight to work out your vision. It is not about a specific career goal, but about the big picture of what you want to achieve in your professional life and what you want to stand for. What drives you and what is it worth fighting for. You recognize your “why” and experience the contribution you want to give back to the world.
The vision is a model; its function is to give you ideas, to draw you out of the present into the future and to influence your conscious and unconscious decisions. From this vision (knowing where you want to go and how your life could be designed differently and better) springs the drive to work on the realization.
You will find out which values ​​are important to you and you can use them to derive your own guiding principles. They give you orientation when the path is not as clear and the security of making the right decisions even in imponderable terrain.
You gain the freedom to shape your (work) life in a way that suits you and you can immediately integrate this freedom into the existing circumstances.
The contents of the knowledge building are:
  • Development of the job vision with LegoSeriousPlay®
  • Creation of a vision board
  • The essence of meaningful goals
  • Effectivness and development of principles
  • Storytelling and affirmations
4. Self-Leadership

Build personal skills and competencies

The only way to change a situation is to change yourself. That is leadership. Unfortunately, we humans are not logical-rational, but rather creative and complex beings. Nevertheless, certain mechanisms are predictable if you look at the relationships. Self-management includes the four components of thinking, feeling, evaluating and acting. In this module, you identify the levers at which you can grow by addressing the various dimensions, understanding causalities and controlling our behavior accordingly. You learn to actively deal with ambiguity, otherness and complexity and also to assess the danger of supposedly simple truths. Love it, Leave or Change it – distinguishing between that and separating the deeper desire from arbitrary impulses is a helpful technique.
The answers lie in inner peace and you take ownership to let go of the illusion of control and to change the situation through your own decisions. You will learn how to experience devotion and flow. You also face uncomfortable truths and gain clarity and safety to do what corresponds to your personal attitude and your sense of responsibility.
The contents of the knowledge building are:
  • Decisions in uncertainty
  • Dealing with emotions and ambiguity
  • Resilience & Health
  • Change Psychology
  • Presence in the here and now
5. Communication

Understand and being understood

Communication is the basis of togetherness. Unfortunately also the number one source of frustration. Here it is important to align our communication in such a way that the other person can absorb and understand. And that in turn assumes that you understand the other person first. In this module, various communication models are presented and their relevance in everyday life is made clear. You will find out the dangers of good rhetoric and you can also find the “right words”. You recognize how your own attitude contributes to successful communication or prevents it.
It clears up communication myths and you notice how real communication creates clarity, trust and connection.
How do convictions, inspiration and impulses for action arise? You will learn how to present ideas and suggestions to be heard while strengthening understanding on both sides.
The contents of the knowledge building are:
  • Different communication models
  • Basics, opportunities & risks of NLP
  • The art of good questioning
  • Suggestions and advice
  • Presentation techniques
6. Relationships

Shaping good collaboration

Our relationships show who we are and, conversely, our personality determines our relationships. We always recognize growth in the nature of our relationships. In our work environment, the ability to shape relationships with executives, employees, colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders determines our career. Actively shaping relationships is therefore a linchpin of success.
In this module you will learn how to train your relationship intelligence and emotional intelligence, which is part of relationship intelligence. This includes the ability to form reliable connections, build mutual trust, know how to deal with betrayal, and how to constructively resolve conflicts.
The ability to give feedback as an invitation to dialogue and to use criticism as a positive impulse to expand your worldview, will help you to recognize and shape your own roles.
Relationships are always in the arc of suspense between self-determination and belonging. In this module you will learn how to integrate both. You realize which relationships make you grow and which relationships keep you small and how to transform those relationships.
The contents of the knowledge building are:
  • Background to relationship intelligence
  • Identifying needs
  • conflict management
  • Feedback & criticism
  • Dealing with toxic relationships
7. Systemic Thinking

Understand Organization and Team Dynamics

The sense of belonging shows when we are in tune with the system around us. It is therefore important to recognize “the system”, its limits and rules. We experience these explicit or unspoken rules as a culture. Systems are inherently consistent and if we understand how they “operate” we can anticipate reactions and use them constructively. At the same time, we can influence how the system affects us.
In this module you will get to know the basic principles and modus operandi of a system. Models for the determination of maturity levels are presented and you can assign your “compatibility”. In each system you live different roles. When you change, your fit also changes. This gives you the clarity and freedom to consciously interact with the system.
You will learn what makes people a team and which phases a team goes through before it can perform at its best. This gives you the flexibility to use the challenges effectively for yourself. You can flexibly and playfully change roles and thus bring clarity into confused situations and get things moving when you are stuck.
The contents of the knowledge building are:
  • Systemic principles
  • Maturity models of organizations
  • Basics of team development
  • Team dynamics and team roles
8. Network and Leadership

Expand your latitude

Our environment is increasingly becoming a large ecosystem in which structures are constantly changing. By specifically integrating other people and institutions in your sphere of activity, perspectives and thus your latitude expand. So it’s not about “betting on the right horse”, but rather creating a resilient, flexible and trusting network that supports us and that we are happy to support. You will learn how to find the right people for you and how to build a win-win situation for you and your network partners.
Especially within professional connections it is important that you can rely on your counterpart, as it is also about your own reputation and thus your own existence. This idea is also shaped by modern leadership principles, in which power is not exercised through command and control, but through competence, clarity, consistency and a good deal of trust. Which basic constitution we live depends strongly on our conception of humanity, so in this module one’s own attitude and image of mankind are checked and put into a beneficial view.
In this module you will learn how leadership can be designed in a classic setup as well as in a self-organized network. The agile principles and the applicability in everyday life become apparent when you recognize how experiments are set up correctly. This will help you avoid frustration and prevent “trial and error” from wasting valuable resources.
The contents of the knowledge building are:
  • Mind-set, stance & concepts of humanity
  • Situational Leadership
  • Business Model Thinking
  • Mentorship
  • Agile principles and set-up of experiments
9. Your Career

Self-fulfillment on the job

Now things are getting serious and concrete. We have created the basis internally and externally to take the plunge and land with pinpoint accuracy. In this module, we concretize your added value (value proposition) and align it with your vision and values so that it becomes your personal and authentic pitch.
You define what content your dream job must contain and how to embed this content directly into your current professional situation and how to shape your professional situation in such a way that more and more of the power-giving elements fill your everyday working life.
Your resume becomes your personal business card, documenting not only professional stations, but representing how your life is “resumed”; i.e. you find the common theme that shapes your career and tells a coherent, convincing story that consequently leads into the next career step defined by you.
You will learn how to inspire and convince with your competence in interviews and how to deal constructively with difficult questions and situations. Whether it’s a promotion interview or a classic interview for a new job, the principles and messages are very similar, because ultimately it’s about showing why you and only you are the one.
The contents of the knowledge building are:
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Definition of the content of the ideal job
  • Resume optimization regarding personality & values
  • Interview training
  • What’s your hero’s story?

The contents of the knowledge building are:

  • Structure of retrospectives and lessons learned
  • Connections between the modules and the profiling values analysis
  • Definition of next milestones
10. Conclusion and Outlook

Celebrate success and experience growth

You now have a solid set of tools and are seeing the first successes. You now know “how it’s done”. To build on these achievements and become the master of your life, you will know what you want to focus on. And in the end, it takes practice, practice, practice and it takes a lifetime.
In this module, you will work through the “lessons learned” in the form of a retrospective. You will find out which techniques have been easy for you, which support has taken you the farthest, and determine what you want to continue to integrate into your daily life.
With the final Profilingvalues analysis, you will once again gain insights into what has happened inside you these last few months and can thus align self-image and external image. This brings you in line with the environment and strengthens your self-confidence, authenticity and charisma.
You realize what you can achieve in a short time if you think and act in a focused and purposeful way.
Risks and Side Effects
It can happen, that things change in your environment if you set new goals, gain new insights and develop different expectations of relationships. We don’t always get support when we develop. Some will be skeptical because they “like you the way you are!” Have patience and trust and also see what is good for you. Things will work out when you see more clearly.
There is no silver bullet for success. This means that there are initially more questions than answers and you are invited to find your own way. There are many offers in the program; It is up to you to decide which one is best for you. There is no one-to-one causal chain, no “do this – then that will happen”. It requires courage to experiment and explore which options are possible and desired.
With the new power over your life, you will have choices about how to shape your success. The flip side of the coin is that you also bear sole responsibility. There is no more scapegoat and no more fate. “Everyone is the maker of their own happiness” becomes reality. Immanuel Kant with his call that citizens should free themselves from their self-inflicted immaturity will become your personal motto. This is sometimes very exhausting, but it pays off in the long term.
It is completely natural to stumble and doubt in a development process. That’s more or less the only way we learn. In the program, you have an environment that gives you support and safety, you are encouraged to communicate your doubts and to grow with them and to survive potential dire straits. You will come out of this “crisis of faith” strengthened.
Anyone who strives for meaningful and value-oriented success needs grit, the courage in the face of uncertainty and discipline. Just make sure you are mindful and don’t lose sight of your own goals.
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